Animal Encounter - Educational Center for Wildlife Conservation in Lebanon

Animal Encounter - Educational Center for Wildlife Conservation in Lebanon
Acronym: AE
Founding Year: 1993
Registration Number: 13/أد
Country of origin:
Organization type:
Sectors of intervention:

The Animal Encounter - Educational Center for Wildlife Conservation, has been established in 1993, in Aley. It inhabits more than 25 species of wild and domestic animals under care. The objectives of the center, are: 1) to promote environmental awareness for public at large and among youth in specific by providing educational programs and hands-on activities to make people aware on the importance of wildlife and the importance of its conservation,especially in Lebanon. Another major objective of the center is 2) Rehabilitation of injured, trapped and orphan animals which live in the center for care and rescue, until they are cured to be released later on if their condition permits. Captive breeding has also been followed, where many animals have reproduced in the center and were released later on, such as hyeanas, jackals, wild cats, porcupines, etc...research on many animals, and other educational projects are undertaken by the specialized personnel along  with many volunteer that join each year.

Office location: Animal Encounter , n/a
Area: RasEl Jabal
City: Aley
Additional directions: Next to Symposium Aley 2000 (Statues and Sculptures- Aley - Ras ElJabal St.)
Contact information
Tel: +961 3 667355/4
Fax: +961 5 555201
Contact person
Dr. Mounir Abi-Said
Director and Founder of the Animal