Ahlouna Association

Ahlouna Association
Founding Year: 2001
Registration Number: 23/AD
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Ahlouna Association is a non-profit, non-governmental, civil society organization which provides sustainable educational and social services targeted towards women, youth, children, elderly and disabled individuals in the community of Saida, Lebanon. 

 Vision: To reach a just and secure society resulting from moral and financial interdependence and the cooperation of its citizens. 

Mission: Our mission is to contribute to the development of citizens on a social level, especially the disadvantaged, including children, youth, and women.  We work to eradicate poverty and empower individuals through diverse fields of education and personal development, with the aim, not only to facilitate the personal growth of the individual, but to also improve the social development of their community.

Office location: Ahlouna Building, NA
Area: Al Hlaliyeh
City: Saida
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Contact information
Tel: +961 (0)7 752 280
Fax: +961 (0)7 726 085
Contact person
Rashid Hamtou
+961 (0)7 752 280