Action for Hope

Action for Hope
Founding Year: 2015
Registration Number: 666/2015
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Action for Hope was established to provide cultural relief and cultural development programs to meet the cultural, social and psychological needs of distressed and displaced communities, using a flexible, multi-faceted model of tailoring activities to the needs of the target communities.

We work with communities in crisis to enable them to meet the social, economic and political challenges they face through releasing their creativity and imagination.   We provide communities that suffer from war, displacement, violent political turmoil, extreme poverty or difficult living conditions, with tools for free expression, knowledge, healing, creativity and communication.

We share with many other organizations and movements a vision of a just, tolerant, and compassionate world, where communities that face social disintegration caused by war, displacement, or extreme poverty are able to survive these difficult conditions and come out of them as creative, peaceful and productive human beings.

Office location: Aboul Nasr Building , El Bohtouri street
Area: Zarif
City: Beirut
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Tel: +961(0) 1 739 243
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Basma El Husseiny