Acronym: ACDI/VOCA
Founding Year: 2006
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ACDI/VOCA is an international organization that works on value chain developement. It was established in Lebanon in 2006. It ran numerous projects including ASAIL, AMAR, LBLI, QCC and currently DHAIM.  DHAIM is  is a five –year project funded by USAID and designed to facilitate the establishment of high-value fruit, vegetables and flowers hydroponics sector in Lebanon. Implemented by ACDI/VOCA, DHAIM program will concentrate its activities in four growth poles in Lebanon: North, South, Mount Lebanon and the Beqaa. DHAIM program will channel the activities through existing Chambers, Commerce, Industry and Agriculture (CCIA) and local organizations.

The DHAIM program will focus on the most lucrative product crops that have the highest market potential in the high-end local, regional and international markets with minimum risk for the growers and suitability for green house/hydroponics production systems (Lettuce, Capsicum, Strawberry, Tomatoes, Cucumber, and flowers).Program key technical assistance will focus mainly on the smallholder farmers who are interested to grow those crops

Office location: First Floor Sfeir Bldg, Block B, Farid Zeidan Street
Area: Hazmiyeh
City: Greater Beirut
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Tel: +961 5 450882/3
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Rana Assi
Office Manager