Aaraya Environment Association

Aaraya Environment Association
Acronym: AEA
Founding Year: 2000
Registration Number: 12\DA
Country of origin:
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The associaton is working since 12 years in the field of the conservation of the environment in baabda district. the objectives are : the protection of natural  and cultural heritage through sustainable development. awareness of the importance of the sustainibility of the natural resources and fighting different kinds of pollution in collaboration with the concerned public instances. some activities and projects were implemented : plantations campaigns, ecotourism workshops, rehabilitation of a natural site owned by the maronite church. establishment of an alternative plants nursary. establishment of a polluted water file and following up the treatment methods.

Office location: Adel Irani Building, Gabon Street
Area: Araya
City: Baabda
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Contact information
Tel: +961 (0)3 212 102
Fax: +961 (0)5 768 989
Contact person
Pauline Irani