Assistant Public Health Officer

Assistant Public Health Officer
Deadline for applications: Sunday, February 3, 2013
Location: Beirut, Lebanon
Working area: Beirut
Job Description

-         Support the UNHCR health service programs.

-         Set aside dedicated time for training and capacity-building of national staff and counterparts.

-         Assist in monitoring the implementation of the urban health programme.

-         Assist in designing and implementing a unified health information and reporting system.

-         Conduct health survey sampling of urban refugees.

-         Help establish a referral system between relevant stakeholders.

-         Assist with guiding the work of the various health coordination groups related to persons of concern to UNHCR such as Iraqis, non-Iraqis, Syrians, etc.

-         Implement UNHCR Lebanon Health Guidelines(SOP), revise and update as needed.

-         Support UNHCR programmes with the implementation of public health programme and ensure that health care services provided to refugees are based on Ministry of Public Health (MOPH), UNHCR and/or internationally recognized and most up to date standards and policies.

-         Support the provision of technical guidance and support to the country programme.

-         Work with the stake holders, including UN agencies, NGOs, MOPH and other operational partners.

-         Work closely with the other UNHCR such as protection, programme and resettlement and others to identify priorities health issues and key data requirements for programme planning and monitoring to ensure the minimum UNHCR and international standards are being met.

-         Promote inter-sectoral  coordination outside and within UNHCR in all matters related to public health programmes.

-         Update and disseminate information materials on public health based on standard practices and policies among partners.

-         Ensure the organisation and use of UNHCR Health Information System (HIS) in order to evaluate the effectiveness of interventions.

-         Engage in active involvement in the health programme monitoring and conduct field visit to the clinics and designated hospitals.

-         Organise regular meetings with the main implementing partners and ensure that standard guidelines and protocols are implemented.

-         Establish and engage in active participation within the exceptional medical care committee whilst maintaining appropriate data management of ECC cases.

-         Advocate, inform and communicate amongst stakeholders to ensure that refugee health is on the national and international agenda and that the needs and health status of refugees are appropriately documented and disseminated.

-         Participate in mobilizing the refugee community to address its health needs and concerns.

Experience required: Education degree: Bachelor Degree Field of education: Bachelor of Medicine or BS in Nursing or other allied medical or health-related degrees at BS level.
Arabic: Excellent English: Excellent French: Excellent
Period: 1 year (renewable)
Submission guidelines: Send your CV and Cover letter to, stating in the subject "Public Health".
Cover letter required? Yes
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