Deadline for applications: Tuesday, August 1, 2017
Location: Beirut
Working area:
Job Description

I.  Position Information

Job Title: Driver
Duty Station: Beirut
Section/Unit: UNDP
Reports to: Project Manager
Section/Unit: Improving Living Conditions in Palestinian Gatherings Host Communities
Project reference: 00097505
Pay Level: SC2
Duration of Employment: 1 year (with possibility of extension)

II. Scope/Objective

Palestinian Gatherings represent one of the most vulnerable and marginalized host communities in Lebanon. 135,000 host and recent Palestinian refugees living in forty-two Palestinian gatherings distributed along the regions of Lebanon suffer from dire conditions that have long existed in the gatherings. In addition to poverty caused by insufficient household income, legal restrictions imposed on Palestinian refugees in Lebanon contribute to the worsening of their socio-economic conditions. In addition, Palestinian refugees are unable to own property assets in the country since 2001 and required to bequeath them to religious authorities, if they have already purchased them.

Palestinian refugees living in the gatherings suffer from yet additional layers that contribute to the worsening of their living conditions. While all registered Palestinian refugees in Lebanon are entitled to UNRWA health, education and relief services, UNRWA’s mandate defines its role in the provision of urban and infrastructure services to the borders of the twelve recognized refugee camps. At the same time, while municipalities in general do not provide these services in the gatherings, there exists no mechanisms for coordination between municipalities and local actors in the gatherings to address the needs of refugees. Being informal areas, Palestinian Gatherings remain excluded from wider sector development plans or local upgrading projects. The presence of other service providers is almost inexistent, leaving the responsibility of accessing and maintaining basic urban services to residents’ efforts along with their locally formed committees, aggravating the already precarious economic conditions. Despite the fact that local committees are the dynamic actors inside gatherings, they suffer from lack of financial resources and technical capacities.

The project seeks to strengthen the resilience of the host communities in the most vulnerable host Palestinian Gatherings by enhancing access to adequate basic urban services and improving shelter conditions housing refugees from Syria. Interventions will include: 

• Output 1: Provide environmentally and economically sustainable WASH services at community level in the gatherings.
• Output 2: Improve environmental and structural conditions of shelter units in the gatherings.
• Output 3: Promote inclusive and safer environments in the gatherings though comprehensive neighborhood upgrading interventions.
• Output 4: Improve hygiene conditions for host and new refugee communities in the gatherings.
• Output 5: Reduce youth risky behaviours in the gatherings through livelihood interventions.
• Output 6: Develop a national coordination and planning platform for response and development in Palestinian Gatherings.

Under the supervision of the Project Manager, the driver will undertake the tasks mentioned below.

III. Functions / Key Results Expected

- Carry out reliable and secure trips and missions assigned to him/her by the Project Manager;
- Make sure that the project car is well maintained and properly used through timely changes of oil, checks of tires, brakes, car washing etc.
- Maintain record of all running expenses related to car operation and maintenance including daily mileage, gas consumption, oil changes, etc.
- Ensures that all immediate actions required by rules and regulations are taken in case of involvement in accidents;
- Collect and delivers mail, documents or other items;
- Review, screen, log, attach necessary background information, routes correspondence within the office and to other parties;
- Maintain a follow up system for the correspondence;
- Keep track with UNSIOC to take care all necessary security measurements and security clearance whenever needed before making any field mission;
- Carry out office work and other works as requested by the Project Manager.

IV. Competencies

- Excellent knowledge of driving rules and regulations.
- Excellent knowledge of roads and major landmarks.
- Basic knowledge in security issues.
- Basic knowledge in mechanical skills.
- Ability to use office machines.

V. Recruitment Qualifications

Elementary Education. Valid driver's license.

A minimum of 1 year of relevant experience.

Language Requirements: 
Fluent Arabic; English is a plus.

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Arabic: English: French:
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