Quality Management Engineer

Quality Management Engineer
Employer: Social Impact
Deadline for applications: Friday, October 27, 2017
Location: Lebanon
Working area: Lebanon
Job Description


The Quality Management Engineer (QME) reports to the Senior Engineer (SE) and supports USAID oversight and management of engineering and construction activities funded and executed by USAID/Lebanon awards to Implementing Mechanisms. The QME provides quality assurance/quality control services for design, tendering and execution of those activities.


The QME will be asked to support Implementing Mechanisms (IM, or USAID’s partners in Lebanon) with their engineering design activities, supervision and management of their engineering and construction contracts.  The QME reviews and verifies architectural and engineering designs, specifications, and engineering submissions as requested. The QME provides quality assurance/quality control over the implementer's engineering design and construction activities including field oversight, inspections, verification, against codes, conformity control against contractor drawings, specs and BOQ’s as needed. The QME monitors and reports on the construction contractor’s safety and risk management programs, disability and environmental compliance management programs as needed. The QA/QC work done by SI is guided by agreed protocols with USAID.

Architecture and Engineering Subcontractor

Social Impact has sub-contracted with a Lebanese engineering firm to support the activities described above. The SE, QME and the sub-contractor form a team that provides QA/QC to USAID/Lebanon’s construction activities. The QME liaises with the sub-contracted firm Dar el Handasah Nazih Taleb (DAHNT).  Under the subcontract agreement DAHNT are issued task orders (TO) to perform specific review and oversight activities.  The QME assists in the development of weekly, quarterly and annual detailed work plans for DAHNT, assisting in the negotiation of TOs with them. ) The QME provides a preliminary review of TO invoices received from DAHNT before passing them on to the SE.


A primary responsibility of the QME is to ensure that USAID/Lebanon receives timely, well-written reports on design reviews, field inspections, and general challenges that might compromise the completion of the construction activities.  Minutes of all meetings are to be issued and shared with USAID. The QME may be asked to prepare these minutes. The QME, under the guidance of the SE prepares, as part of SI’s quarterly reports, a quarterly progress update of A&E activities that is included as part of the overall Quarterly Report to USAID. This quarterly report is a narrative that informs USAID of the progress of the project(s) during the reporting period and should include pertinent illustrative photos and tables to illustrate progress.

There is a constant and large flow of reports on design reviews and construction site visits. It is the responsibility of the QME to ensure that the reports are written to a high standard in English, in a style that communicates effectively to non-engineering development professionals, and to systematically organize and store these reports on SI’s server in Lebanon.


Specific anticipated activities are the following:

  • Review and verify the construction Contractors’ engineering designs, specifications, BOQs and engineering submissions;
  • May be called upon to conduct extensive field oversight, inspections, and verification to support the review of the construction activities;
  • Start, maintain and update logs.
  • Ensure that construction activities are within the set timeframes and that any anticipated schedule delay is reported in writing to SE and USAID.
  • Ensure that the Construction Contractors abide by compliance with Acceptable Engineering Practices such as the safety and risk management program, as well as with USAID Regulations particularly the environmental compliance management program.
  • Conduct intermediate and Final Inspections of all constructed facilities including a review of final “As-Built” Drawings provided by construction contractors. The QME may be asked to assist USAID in validating the work completed for invoice payment.
  • Perform quantitative surveys of executed works, compare with contracted BOQ quantities.
  • As requested, coordinate inspections and monitoring of all the construction materials, equipment, and activities associated with the project(s) to verify that the project(s) is executed in accordance with the contract/agreement conditions and specifications.
  • Follow up, review, log and distribute material and shop drawings submittals.
  • As needed and per USAID instructions, the QME, SE and/or the Subcontracted A&E firm will attend construction meetings to represent USAID. Minutes of all meetings will be issued and shared with USAID. Whenever applicable, the SE, QME and/or the Subcontracted A&E firm will follow up on decisions taken during the meetings. 
  • Manage the request for inspection proceedures.

The SE, QME and the subcontracted A&E firm will ensure that the engineering and construction contracts’ conditions and specifications are fulfilled.  During execution of the construction activities, the QME will be asked to periodically inspect construction activities performed by the Contractor to ensure compliance with acceptable engineering practice and with USAID regulations.The QME reviews reports emanating from DAHNT, for clarity and style, advising the SE and DAHNT of any needed changes; collaborating with them to conclude a lucid report. The QME reports to the SE, and ultimately to the COP. He/She collaborates with the DCOP to coordinate and collaborate with M&E activities.


The selected candidate must have the following qualifications:

  • Holder of a minimum of a Bachelor’s Degree in Civil Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Structural Engineering, or Construction Management (an advanced degree is preferred);
  • A minimum of 5 years demonstrated experience in a capacity that involves project oversight, supervision, monitoring, and management of construction activities, preferably in the domain of public works and infrastructure;
  • Experience in oversight and management of design activities is an asset;
  • The position requires extensive reporting and document control, experience in these areas is and asset;
  • It is essential that the candidate be fluent in speaking, reading and writing English –  a language proficiency test will be administered.
  • Registered at the Lebanese Order of Engineers.
Experience required: Education degree: Bachelor Degree Field of education: Holder of a minimum of a Bachelor’s Degree in Civil Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Structural Engineering, or Construction Management (an advanced degree is preferred)
Arabic: Excellent English: Fluent French:
Period: Three years
Salary: This position requires travel throughout Lebanon. The salary offered will be based on your verifiable previous salary history
Submission guidelines:
Cover letter required? Yes
Contact information
Hiba Shatila
Operations Manager