Deadline for applications: Saturday, July 22, 2017
Location: Ehmej
Working area: Ehmej Village and some events in Shouf Biosphere Reserve
Job Description


This scope of work sets for the terms and understanding between Al-Shouf Cedar Society and the field coordinator in Ehmej village to perform the set of activities within this project.

Municipality of Ehmej will support Al-Shouf Cedar Society in the project activities mainly in the following:

1-      Assistance in holding one Kick-Off meeting in Ehmej.

2-      Support in creating  a database for stakeholders and land use in Ehmej (central authorities, local authorities, restaurants, NGOS, schools, hotels, snacks…)

3-      Supporting the Inception Meetings/Workshops or Town Hall meetings in Ehmej.

4-      Produce training, educational and communicational materials.

5-      Assistance in forming one advisory committee in Ehmej  of 10-12 members

6-      Helping in launching 3 rounds of waste sampling in Ehmej, at the beginning, middle and end of the project to categorize waste.

7-      Assistance in conducting  Training of Trainers  (ToT): Two types: 2-day training for Advisory Committee, NGOs, and Municipality staff; and 1-day training in Ehmej.

8-      Following up with training on Backyard Composting for both residential and public spaces.

9-      Following up with trainings on the introduction of the “doggy bag” concept.

10-   Support in Conducting an Awareness Campaign (two phases) for residents on harmful effects of current solid waste management practices and importance of sorting organic fraction at source.

11-   Prepare a documentary about the project along with a TVC.

12-   Produce a guide for solid waste reduction criteria

13-   Helping in the organization of  three closing events in Ehmej

14-   Support the implementation of  one  pilot back yard composting units in Ehmej

15-   Supporting all visibility actions

16-   Able to collect data and to monthly report to ACS

17-   Full time dedication to the job

18-   Support in monitoring and evaluation of the project

Experience required: Education degree: Bachelor Degree Field of education: Bachelor degree in Business, environment or any related field
Arabic: Fluent English: Fluent French:
Period: 11 months
Submission guidelines:
Cover letter required? Yes
Contact information
Kamal Abou Assi
Project coordinator