Community Center Manager

Community Center Manager
Employer: Salam LADC
Deadline for applications: Thursday, August 10, 2017
Location: Saadnayel, Bekaa Valley, Lebanon
Working area:
Job Description

Salam Community Center

Salam LADC is establishing a community centre in Saadnayel, Beqaa Valley, located in a permanent building readily accessible by foot for 6 surrounding informal tented settlements. Salam LADC aims to provide financial, logistical and personnel support, while empowering the beneficiaries themselves to shape the centre’s programme to fit their needs. The centre aims to assist in the self-development and mental well-being of beneficiaries of all ages through educational, vocational, social and recreational programmes. The centre will be run primarily by the manager to be recruited from this listing, assisted by two - three members of staff (teachers), selected members from the beneficiary communities, an administrator and Salam LADC international and local volunteers. The centre will aim to address the communities’ needs as follows:

1)      Provide educational support to school-age children residing in the surrounding camps.

  1. For children already attending public school, support their formal education by offering homework support and working to fill in any gaps that emerge in their education.
  2. Provide school-age children not attending public school with basic English literacy and numeracy skills and psychosocial support to enable them to pass basic tests for enrolment into public school.

2)      Provide communal and recreational activities for children and adults, in accordance with the beneficiaries’ needs and requests, and the activities being offered by Salam LADC volunteer pool (e.g. yoga, physical education, cinema club, community dinners, art classes, theatre etc.) in order to encourage social cohesion and strengthen relationships between beneficiaries.

3)      Provide informal education for adults, in particular English as a Second Language (ESL) lessons.

4)      Provide vocational training for adult beneficiaries in accordance with their requests and the availability of trainers, in order to foster appreciation of lifelong learning and self-development, and to improve psychosocial wellbeing.

5)      Improve awareness and access to information, in relation to access to medical, food aid, and enrolment into public school in collaboration with Salam LADC’s aid distribution, education and medical departments.

6)      Coordinate with the local public school and other organisations that work with the same beneficiaries to strengthen pre-existing activities and ensure coordination and cooperation.

Job Title: Community Center Manager

Job Description: The Community Center Manager will fulfill the following responsibilities:

I – Project planning

-             Set up a board of stakeholders and key members of the beneficiary communities benefiting from the project

-             Plan and organise the implementation of the center’s activities in compliance with the project proposal and objectives, and through consultation with the board.

-             Identify potential partners in the project – organisations in the area, educators, vocational trainers etc. (ongoing throughout the project)

-             Create a schedule for the activities to be held at the centre.

-             Promote the centre’s activities and establish the enrolment process.

II- Management of Project Implementation

-             Organize, manage, monitor and assess the implementation of the center activities in compliance with the project proposal and the beneficiaries’ needs.

-             Ensure smooth implementation, coordination and effective use of the available resources;

-             Integrate the beneficiaries into the project, by encouraging participation in the activities (through promotion and liaison with key community members) and the execution of the project.

-             Organise regular meetings with camp shaweeshes and other key members in the beneficiary communities to discuss effectiveness of the project and implementation of the beneficiaries’ suggestions.

-             Lead the coordination of the centers activities and the project staff and volunteers;

-             Submit monthly progress reports to Salam LADC;

-             Submit weekly plans for the community centre activities one week in advance, including a schedule for each paid member of staff and volunteers.

II- Financial management

-             Report to the Salam LADC accountant – submit financial reports and receipts on a weekly basis;

-             Manage, monitor and track expenses according to the budget;

-             Oversee petty cash available at the center

III- Networking

-             Liaise with relevant NGOs, government agencies and national institutions in the area to maintain a network and cooperation in psychosocial and educational fields

-             Receive visits from donors and other relevant stakeholders

-             Assist with fundraising for the project.

IV – Other roles

-             Depending on rate of enrolment, and the weekly schedule, the project manager might be required to deliver education and vocational activities.

-             Providing consultation and assistance to Salam LADC with regards to opening similar centres in other areas (depending on success of this project).

Essential Criteria:

-             Experience required: minimum of 1 year;

-             Education degree: Bachelor Degree in social sciences, education, development or any related field;

-             Fluent in spoken Arabic and excellent knowledge of English (written and oral);

-             Previous managerial experience in humanitarian work;

-             Willingness to work with people from different ethnic, religious and cultural backgrounds

-             Good management, leadership and planning skills and willingness to take initiative;

-             Good communication and teamwork skills;

-             Able to handle confidential and politically sensitive issues in a responsible and mature manner,

-             Passion and belief in the project’s ethos

-             Flexibility and innovativeness;

-             Strong leadership skills;

Experience required: Education degree: Bachelor Degree Field of education: Bachelor Degree in social sciences, education, development or any related field
Arabic: Fluent English: Very Good French:
Period: 6 months- 1 year
Submission guidelines: Please send your CV ad Cover letter by email to: Please write in the subject of the email " Community Center Manager"
Cover letter required? Yes
Contact information
Laran Matta
Program Officer