Communications Officer

Communications Officer
Employer: RET Liban
Deadline for applications: Saturday, September 30, 2017
Location: Beirut, with frequent travels to implementation sites
Working area:
Job Description

Under the supervision of RET’s Country Director, the Communications Officer is responsible to:

  • Produce visibility material for project implementation, RET’s recognition among the communities and local partners and to ensure donor visibility at a local level;
  • Develop ad hoc content and designs as needed;
  • Assist the Country Director in his/her communications to the staff (internal communications) and produce the communications tools staff need in their daily work (service cards, business cards, outreach material, etc.);
  • Assist the Project Manager(s)/Coordinator(s) in the aspects of the project requiring a communications activity (e.g. events, videos, youth online networks, radio programmes, etc.)
  • Be the first contact person (as focal point, not as spokes person) for requests coming from the local press and media;

Under the supervision of RET’s Regional Communications Manager, the Communications Officer is responsible to:

  • Guarantee that the country staff is aware of (and uses) RET’s main communications tools, identity, taglines and global mission;
  • Ensure the country staff understand issues of security and consent when taking pictures/videos or posting on personal social media and verify that RET’s official communications procedures are followed;
  • Help create content on RET’s activities and achievements in the country for use in RET International’s global media platforms (website, social media, newsletters, global brochures, etc.);

Specific Responsibilities

  • Gain a deep understanding of RET International’s global mission and communications procedures & tools;
  • Organise trainings with key staff members on issues such as RET’s mandate, RET’s Communication Toolkit, RET’s Institutional Identity, RET’s Security and Consent procedures, safe use of personal social media, etc.
  • Gather staff complaints, suggestions and needs related to communications and convey them to RET’s Communications Team.

Material Production

  • Draft clear and well targeted texts and articles for print and online use;
  • Proof-read, comment on and fact-check content coming from other team members;
  • Coordinate with the RET country staff to find the stories, facts, data and testimonies needed to create content;
  • Ensure all content has gone through the proper internal validation channels before publication;
  • Produce a well organised and safe photo record of RET’s presence in the country;
  • Produce videos of RET projects (if requested by the Regional Communications Manager or Country Director);
  • Design layouts for flyers and brochures in line with RET’s institutional visual identity and core messages;
  • Work with external professionals (draft briefs, follow procurement rules, negotiate prices, verify the quality, coordinate with other RET departments such as logistics and finance or RET HQ) when needed to produce high-end designs and videos;

Content Production

  • Develop a strong knowledge of the main service providers of print and digital material in the regions of project implementation and create profession relationships with them;
  • Understand and remain up-to-date in printing processes, colour codes and formats; know the printing materials and their properties, have an understanding of average prices in order to produce material that corresponds to the needs of the team;
  • Negotiate prices, verify that production is covered by project budgets, verify the quality, ensure deadlines are met, draft precise requests for offers;
  • Make sure visibility material is distributed among staff and project sites, store material safely and keep an inventory of what is in store;

 Secondary Tasks

  • Understand the media landscape of the region of implementation and develop a contact list of the main journalists RET may need to interact with;
  • Manage the national RET information email (;
  • Complete any additional task, as requested by the Country Director or the Regional Communications Manager;


Core Competencies Required

  • Strong capacity to synthetize complex issues and a strong inclination towards clarity of thought;
  • Previous experience working in a communications or journalist position (or any other position requiring regular content creation);
  • A capacity to think strategically and view communications as a tool to reach the objectives of the organisation;
  • A strong sense of aesthetics and design;
  • A capacity and natural inclination to closely follow security and consent verifications, internal procedures and rules;
  • Integrity: Works with trustworthiness and integrity and has a clear commitment to RET International’s core values and humanitarian principles;
  • Adaptability: Works and lives in a flexible, adaptable and resilient manner in line with the humanitarian nature of RET International’s core activities;
  • Sensitivity of self and others: Demonstrates awareness and sensitivity to gender and diversity, has the experience and ability to live and work in diverse cultural contexts in a culturally acceptable manner;

 Technical Competencies

  • Bachelor degree (preferably a Master degree) in literature, journalism, political science or other related fields;
  • Excellent written and oral communication skills both in English and an official local language; any additional language such as Turkish, Arabic, Spanish, Japanese, French or German would be considered an asset;
  • Previous experience in creating written content on a regular basis;
  • Excellent word processing and IT skills, including knowledge of a range of software packages and comprehensive capabilities in Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint);
  • Experience working with design and video software preferably Adobe Creative Could (InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop, Premiere Pro);
  • Experience with photography (capturing images as well as editing), experience with video and audio capture considered an asset;
  • Strong understanding of social media platforms and website content management systems;
Experience required: Education degree: Bachelor Degree Field of education: Bachelor degree (preferably a Master degree) in literature, journalism, political science or other related fields
Arabic: Excellent English: Excellent French: Good
Submission guidelines: Candidates who fulfill the above mentioned requirements are kindly asked to send a cover letter and resume to
Cover letter required? Yes
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