Finance and Admin Intern

Finance and Admin Intern
Employer: Lebanon Support
Deadline for applications: Thursday, August 31, 2017
Location: Furn Al Chebbak
Working area:
Job Description

About Lebanon Support

Lebanon Support is an independent non-governmental, non-religious, non-political, and non-profit making information and research center. Established in 2006, Lebanon Support was registered as a National Non-Governmental Organisation in November 2008 (registered under the number 168/2009 AD). Lebanon Support aims at enhancing civil society capacity, efficiency and effectiveness through the creation of public spaces for reflection, collaboration and debate on and for civil society in Lebanon.

Lebanon Support adopts a multidisciplinary approach and evidence and fact based methodologies in civil society work in Lebanon so as to support and develop a civic voice and a better impact towards better accountability and societal change in Lebanon.

Within this framework Lebanon Support focuses on information and knowledge sharing and management, production and delivery; as it is within Lebanon Support’s beliefs, that information and knowledge are at the heart of developing adequate strategies and interventions to reduce existing vulnerabilities and marginalisation in the country.


Lebanon Support is currently implementing three main programmes: Daleel Madani, launched in 2006, an online collaborative platform for civil society news and services; and the  Civil Society Knowledge Centre, launched in 2013,  is the first and most developed online platform for  research and knowledge management for civil society organisations, professionals, academics, and activists in Lebanon. Finally Lebanon Support has launched in 2016 the Civil Society Incubator, a programme designed to foster the creation, development, and growth of local civil society and public action initiatives, organisations, or projects.

Lebanon Support recruits interns on a rolling basis. Interns joining Lebanon Support will have access to a wide range of resources in the fields of information management and research, and will acquire new skills and a better understanding of Lebanon’s civil society sector, as well as an in depth knowledge of developmental, humanitarian and human rights notions, concepts and methodologies.


We welcome applications from undergraduates or fresh graduates for full-time or part-time internships. This Internship period may range from 2 to 6 months. Candidates should be knowledgeable about Lebanon Support’s scope of work and mandate and should have working capacity in Arabic and English.

Main Tasks

  • Provide administrative and logistic support in order to ensure effective and efficient office operations

  • Maintain a tight and clear archiving system for all financial, administrative, and logistic documents as asked

  • Assist in order forms, gathering quotations, bid analysis, procurement memos, and purchase orders

  • Ensure the confidentiality and security of all financial and employee files

  • Assist in preparing projects financial reports

  • Support in the monthly attendance sheet checking (contractual leaves, sick leaves and their balances)

  • Any other task relevant to the work of the department


Interns will receive a letter of internship detailing their tasks and performance during their work at Lebanon Support.

Lebanon Support will also sign-off on internship verification forms for university students.

Experience required: Education degree: Bachelor Degree Field of education: Preferred Bachelor Degree: Graduated in finance and accounting, human resources, or other relevant fields or about to graduate in one of the above
Arabic: Good English: Very Good French:
Period: 2 to 6 months
Submission guidelines:
Cover letter required? Yes
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