Positive Pathways to Education - Project officer (Female applicants only)

Positive Pathways to Education - Project officer (Female applicants only)
Deadline for applications: Sunday, October 22, 2017
Location: Tripoli
Working area: Within North Lebanon with monthly meetings in Beirut
Job Description

About the project: 


Pathways to Education using positive Deviance approach, is a pilot project implemented jointly by CARE international, LASeR - Lebanese Association for Scientific Research and AUB- American University of Beirut. 

What is positive deviance according to Expedia ?

"Positive deviance (PD) is an approach to behavioral and social change based on the observation that in any community there are people whose uncommon but successful behaviors or strategies enable them to find better solutions to a problem than their peers, despite facing similar challenges and having no extra resources or knowledge than their peers. These individuals are referred to as positive deviants"

We're on a quest for positive deviants among girls aged 14-18 ( In Tripoli in specific , marginalised areas, both Syrians and Lebanese ) who made it into secondary education and will be soon enrolling in University. Trying to understand what made them persevere, we'll draw on it to understand how can we replicate their model and help more girls teenagers acess Education. 


Detailed Responsibilities & Tasks

Responsibility #1: Project Implementation

Ensure project cycle implementation as detailed below:

1- Idetifying Deviants & desigining prorotypes: 

  • Scounting for success stories, creating links with community centers, schools, influential key persons. 
  • Ensure Access to target community 
  • Conduct field visits to underpriviliged areas, schools and community centers 
  •  Coordinate co-design workshops with key stakeholders of the project;
  • Design and implement interactive community based workshops with the target community; schools and community centers 
  • Logistics of the events: Invitation of positive deviants , catering, transportations 
  • Test interview guides with positive deviants and their parents
  • Household visits 
  • Final identification of the positive deviants to work with 
  • Idenitification of the successful behaviors and strategies adopted by positive deviants 
  • Monitor, evaluate and suggest changes and improvements in programme and materials based on observations and discussions with beneficiaries, stakeholders and partners;
  • Co-design workshops to bring all girls together to kick off design phase
  • Design of prototypes 
  • Prepare for Phase 2 of the project ( 2nd year ) when the prototype and outcomes of  phase 1 will be tested 


Responsibility #2: Representation and Coordination

  • Facilitate and attend kick-off workshop with partners, as well as coordinate partner meetings throughout the project period;
  • Help in organiinge field visits by donors, peer agencies, CARE Members, Media, etc.;
  • Coordinate closely with other project managers and coordinators to ensure synergies;
  • Attend monthly meetings 
  • Work closely with admin, logistics, procurement, and HR units to ensure the success of the project 


Responsibility #3: Reporting & Information sharing

  • Report to LASeR Project coordinator 
  •  Sharing data and findings with LASeR, Care team , project managers and coordinators 


At least 1-2 year of experience in implementing projects with and through partner organizations and government authorities,preferably in  education sector

Preferred skills

Knowledgeable about the Positive Deviance approach and experience in implementing the approach. 



  • Strong capacities in project cycle management, including ensuring that budget utilization complies with donor regulation;
  • Coordinate with partners, skills development, promoting peer-to-peer learning and building networks;;
  • Excellent skills in facilitating and coordinating participatory, co-creative and open design processes with (youth) female participants; 
  • Demonstrated capacity of mentoring and working with adolescent girls from marginalized communities;
  • Familiarity with country context, social norms and sensitivity to traditions and customs of the beneficiary groups;
  • Understanding about the education sector in Lebanon, hereunder knowledge about education authorities, official education policies, as well as understanding of other relevant key actors’ services and programs;
  • Interested in Education, especially girls right to Education

P.S: Only "female" candidates should apply, given the sensitivity in dealing with young girls from underpriviliged areas. 

Experience required: Education degree: No Degree Required Field of education: Bachelor in Business, Education, social studies or any field as long as you bring business expertise with you along with passion for giving young girls access to Education (We're really stressing out on this one)
Arabic: Very Good English: Very Good French:
Period: one year contract and can be renewed for another year
Salary: Discussed according to qualifications
Submission guidelines:
Cover letter required? Yes
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