Part-time Videographer/Photographer

Part-time Videographer/Photographer
Deadline for applications: Wednesday, August 31, 2016
Location: Beirut
Working area:
Job Description

The International Network for Aid, Relief and Assistance (INARA) is looking for a part time Videographer/Photographer to do photography, create video content, and help us to reach new audiences with exciting new content.

This consultant is expected to: produce four short videos (between 30 seconds and 1 minute) and one longer ‘short documentary’ style video about one of our cases each month - focusing on a different theme or element of a child’s story. During the month we will also be expecting numerous pictures - including portraits for our website and images of our children in a medical setting.

About INARA:

INARA provides life-saving and life-altering medical care for children from conflict areas who have catastrophic injury or illness and are unable to access treatment due to war.

We step in to fill the gaps in access to medical treatment when not provided by other institutions or non-profits, including financial assistance where needed.  INARA does not compete with, but complements pre-existing medical facilities by building partnerships in order to secure reduced or pro bono care.

Videographer/Photographer responsibilities:

  • To create compelling video content to help us raise awareness of INARA, and also to help encourage and stimulate individual donations

  • Edit the videos, bearing in mind INARA brand guidelines

  • To capture key moments in a child’s INARA journey through eye-catching images

  • Organising the photo and video library with all of the content that we have generated so far

  • Working closely with the Communications Officer on communications related activities

  • Translating video content into English subtitles

  • Have creative ideas for content production

Key skills required:

  • Very good level of written and spoken English

  • Video editing (must have software needed to do this)

  • Fluent Arabic

  • Good with people - useful in helping vulnerable people feel comfortable when filming/photographing them

  • Good at telling a story in a visual way

  • Preferably with some journalistic experience

  • Good attention to detail

  • Good independent research skills

  • Working to deadlines

$582 per month. Working two and a half days a week (17.5 hours). This position is temporary - with a contract up until 31 December 2016.

When applying please submit one or two examples of video work and photography that you have done so far.

Experience required: Education degree: Bachelor Degree Field of education:
Arabic: Fluent English: Fluent French:
Period: 4 months
Salary: $587 per month
Submission guidelines:
Cover letter required? Yes
Contact information
Communications Officer