Program Coordinator

Program Coordinator
Employer: Etana
Deadline for applications: Tuesday, March 4, 2014
Location: Beirut, Lebanon
Working area: NGO communications and management
Job Description


Etana, a medium-sized Syrian NGO with admin office in Beirut, is seeking a motivated, dynamic and organized program coordinator, who will work directly with the Executive Director and Program Manager. Candidate should be fluent (preferably first language) in English with Arabic competence and excellent writing skills. Candidate should also hold at least a B.A. in a field related to international relations and/or the Middle East and have knowledge of Syrian history and current events. Prior work with non-profit/NGOs and experience with project management is preferred. Experience with financial management, accounting and budget development is desirable. Candidate must have excellent organizational and communication skills and should be a self-motivated worker. Job offers face time with Syrian activists, representatives of international organizations and governments, regional and European travel, opportunities for speaking and reading/writing Arabic and opinion making. Experience with word and excel are required.

Program coordinator implements task related to external coordination including donor relations, reporting on projects, oversight over administrative matters, program development, and marketing. Duties include:

  • communication with all current and potential donors (including European and American partners)
  • reporting: reporting on projects’ activities, based on donor requirements
  • maintenance of organized filing (online) system (including official documents and project information)
  • interface with and management of finance manager, accountant and Lebanon team (trainers, editor, webmaster etc)
  • development of project/grant concept notes, proposals and budgets


Preferred candidate can commit to a contract of 2 years. Candidate is expected to begin work in mid-March.

For more information, please email a cover letter and CV to

Experience required: Education degree: Bachelor Degree Field of education:
Arabic: Good English: Fluent French:
Period: 1 - 2 years
Submission guidelines: Please email a cover letter and CV to Preferred candidate can commit to a contract of 2 years. Candidate is expected to begin work in mid-March.
Cover letter required? Yes
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