Project Coordinator

Project Coordinator
Deadline for applications: Monday, May 9, 2016
Location: Downtown Beirut, Lebanon
Working area: Nejmen Square
Job Description


The Common Space Initiative strives to strengthen the culture of knowledge-based dialogue and build common understanding on key national issues among policy-makers, stakeholders and experts in Lebanon, and at the regional and international levels. 

The objective of the project is to better integrate local ownership, participation and local content in the Petroleum sector in Lebanon. This is achieved through increasing knowledge and capacity of local authorities on this subject, facilitating policy dialogues among all concerned stakeholders for the development of related frameworks and policies, and integrating the latter into national frameworks and strategies.



  1. Prepare a detailed work plan and timeframe for the project and monitor the whole implementation of the project;

  2. Coordinate all the work under this initiative including the procurement of studies and services as well as the recruitment of short term consultants;

  3. Prepare the terms of reference relevant to the assignment/role of each stakeholders;

  4. Identify the stakeholders and establish a detailed list of contacts;

  5. Provide a monthly narrative report on the process and  implementation of the project;

  6. Deal with all logistics related to consultations activities: roundtables, workshops and preparatory meetings;

  7. Coordinate the development of a resource handbook accessible to local authorities on Natural resources ownership and governance in Lebanon based on all the data collection;

  8. Coordinate, liaise, and manage communication between concerned parties, partners, and donors;

  9. Organize roundtables among Federations of Municipalities, and policy experts for the development of joint recommendations addressed to the Government to ensure better integration of local ownership, participation and content in the Petroleum sector;

  10. Organize roundtables among national policy makers to further develop local authorities recommendations;

  11. Coordinate the development of a resource handbook accessible to local authorities on Natural resources ownership and governance in Lebanon based on all the data collection;

  12. Organize, participate and follow up on all meetings (consultations, roundtables, regional workshops, preparatory meetings, etc.);

  13. Review the meetings' reports and brief notes and ensure  follow up with the Head of Research for approval and dissemination;

  14. Lead in close coordination with the researcher, shared knowledge coordinator and language coordinator the process of knowledge resources dissemination;

  15. Convene all facilitation meeting and coordinate the preparation of all needed documents;

  16. Coordinate closely with finance for sound management of funds according to CSI standard operating procedures.


Experience required: Education degree: Bachelor Degree Field of education: University Degree in Social/Political Sciences, Public Administration, International Relations, or related Field
Arabic: Fluent English: Fluent French: Good
Period: 1 year (Renewable)
Submission guidelines: Interested candidates should email their CV and cover letter to in one attachment and mention in the subject of the e-mail address the name of the position "Project Coordinator", otherwise candidate will not be considered.
Cover letter required? Yes
Contact information
Ms. Sarah Atallah
HR Officer