religious leader consultant

religious leader consultant
Deadline for applications: Saturday, July 22, 2017
Location: Halba
Working area: Halba and surrounding
Job Description

Akkar Network for Development (AND) has been working in Akkar for the last 4 years with women, youth and local authorities to promote the well-being of the community. In addition to other interventions in the area, AND is currently working on a couple of protection initiatives aiming to reduce violence against women and children, along with women and youth empowerment.

In partnership with UNICEF, AND is operating safe spaces in Akkar (static and mobile) for women and adolescent girls. These spaces provide holistic services focusing on psychosocial support, violence prevention, livelihoods strengthening and social cohesion to diverse vulnerable populations Syrian and Lebanese.

Seeking to establish a coordination mechanism with religious leaders, AND shall conduct a series of meetings, and workshops with religious leaders, supporting the provision of services in the communities.

These meetings/workshops, shall be carried out by a religious cleric trainer and followed up with discussions facilitated by an experienced moderator. This intervention will support addressing vulnerabilities and building the resilience of girls, boys, caregivers and women through interpersonal work to be carried out in the communities and informal settlements. The cleric trainer is required to coordinate with the moderator the overall intervention, thus allowing to combine the social and religious components into one message in accordance with protection priorities for the women and children.


Areas of Responsibility:

The trainer will develop the four workshops material to be used in the Training module, and implement the meeting agendas agreed upon with the project management team. He/she will coordinate with the social facilitator to ensure a close follow-up of the agenda and the upcoming meetings.

Workshop locations: Halba -  Akkar.



Due Date

Training material and/or visuals to be used

1 week before meetings starts

Signed participant attendance sheets from each meeting session

After each meeting

Meeting report and action points

After each meeting


Level of Effort

The Trainer shall have the following number of days allotted for this task:

July (the 17th of the month)

September (the 3rd of the month)

October (the 16th of the month)

December (the 4th of the month)

Experience required: Education degree: Masters Degree Field of education: or related field experience
Arabic: English: French:
Period: 4 motnhs
Submission guidelines: please mention the title of the position in the subject of the email
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