What is Daleel Madani?

Daleel Madani is Lebanon’s civil society network. It is a portal designed for civil society actors, aiming to enhance their efficiency, and facilitate access to information about the sector.

Daleel Madani is a programme by Lebanon Support, the research center for and about civil society. Read more about Daleel Madani here.

Are individuals eligible to register on Daleel Madani?

Only civil society actors may register on our portal.

If you are part of an organisation that wishes to register, you can do so here.

How can I apply to job vacancies found on Daleel Madani?

Through Daleel Madani, Lebanon Support only provides the platform for organisations to post their job vacancies. Thus, these are not our Centre’s own vacancies, and Lebanon Support is not responsible for the recruitment process. Each organisation registered on Daleel Madani is solely responsible for its post, as well as the recruitment process and the selection of candidates.

If you are looking to apply for a job in the civil society sector, follow these simple steps:

  1. Visit the job vacancies page, where you will find professional opportunities listed by various organisations.
  2. Click on the vacancy you are interested in.
  3. Carefully read the job description, the application requirements, as well as recruitment process of this specific post. For example, some organisations might request a cover letter along with the CV, in addition to references or other documents.
  4. If you wish to learn more about the recruiting organisation, click on the organisation’s name which will redirect you to its profile page on Daleel Madani.
  5. Follow the application guidelines, and send the required documents to the email address listed as a contact.
  6. If you have any question about the position or the organisation, please contact the recruiting organisation directly.

Why register on Daleel Madani?

Registering on Daleel Madani provides your organisation with a great way to connect with other actors in Lebanon operating in the civil society field. Daleel Madani is the most regularly updated and used site by civil society organisations in the country. It gathers over 1 million page views per month and is among the 100 most visited websites in Lebanon. Therefore, registering on Daleel Madani allows your organisation to disseminate its work and activities online to a targeted audience.

If you are part of an organisation that wishes to register, you can do so here.

What does registering on Daleel Madani offer your organisation?

Registering on Daleel Madani grants you access to the following:

  • You’ll have your own account through which you can independently sign in, post and have control over your displayed information.

  • You’ll be able to update and maintain your public profile on the Civil Society Directory, the most exhaustive online resource on civil society actors in Lebanon, joining over 1,600 civil society actors, including collectives, national civil society organisations, international NGOs, UN agencies, donor organisations, and private sector firms working towards the public good.

  • You’ll be able to post job vacancies, call for proposals, projects, press releases, and events to the public.

  • You'll be able to participate in specific open discussions, communicate, and plan with other civil society actors through the Daleel Madani groups, as well as access closed discussions and calls for action.

How do I know if my organisation is eligible to register on daleel-madani.org?

All organisations registered on daleel-madani.org, regardless of membership type, must be:

  • Based, or implementing projects in Lebanon or other countries;
  • Serving a broader public good objective, and motivated by broadly humanitarian and developmental objectives;
  • Non-partisan.

How is Daleel Madani funded?

As Lebanon Support, the center operating Daleel Madani is registered as a non-profit, Daleel Madani is self-sustainable and funded by member subscriptions so as to ensure its local ownership, independence, and autonomy.

If you wish to make a contribution to Daleel Madani and donate, contact us here.