Mercy Corps - Tender 267- GCAP- Researchers for Program Evaluation

Mercy Corps - Tender 267- GCAP- Researchers for Program Evaluation
DEADLINE: Wed, 07/26/2017



  Mercy Corps is a non-religious, non-profit and non-government international organization that provides humanitarian and development assistance in Lebanon since 1993.

Mercy Corps invites sealed bids from interested parties for the provision of capacity building services to local municipalities.


 Mercy Corps (MC) exists to alleviate suffering, poverty, and oppression by helping people build secure, productive, and just communities. The agency pursues its mission through emergency relief services, sustainable community development, civil society and economic development initiatives. MC has been present in the Middle East since the 1980’s and currently has offices in Yemen, Lebanon, Jordan, Syria, Iraq, and Egypt.

 Working in Lebanon since 1993, MC promotes economic and social development in marginalized communities and responds to emergency needs as they emerge. Since the outbreak of the conflict in Syria in 2011, MC in Lebanon has shifted its programs towards emergency based interventions while integrating long-term development programming by focusing on key sectors: Protection, Water Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH), Governance and Social Stability, and Livelihoods.


Purpose/Project Description

 With funding from the European Commission, and under the scope of the Governance and Social Stability Sector, MC initiated back in  November 2015 the “Governance and Community Action Program” (GCAP) in Dannieh area, targeting in particular six vulnerable municipalities (Sir, Bakhoun, Assoun, Kfarhabou, Beqaasafrin and Izal). The overall objective of this program is to empower vulnerable municipalities and communities to mitigate conflict caused by resource based tensions exacerbated by the Syrian crisis. In this regard, MC works closely with municipalities to mobilize and enrich community members with skills that can help them identify sources of common tensions and create action plans that will mitigate those tensions.

The GCAP program has two broad components. The first addresses inter-communal tensions and focuses on de-escalating disputes in order to avoid violence. GCAP’s approach is to work with Lebanese and Syrian Community Representatives who: i) identify and design social service infrastructure projects together with municipalities; ii) design and implement broad community engagement events; and iii) utilize their mediation skills (acquired through trainings) to de-escalate disputes. Concurrently, the second component of GCAP focuses on strengthening the capacity of six target municipalities and the Union of Municipalities so that they are better able to identify and respond to local needs. As such, in order to increase the capacity of municipalities and the Union of Municipalities in addressing the most pressing needs of Lebanese and Syrian populations, and in playing an effective role in building social cohesion between them, the program works to strengthen their financial and operational capacity, and improve coordination and information sharing processes across local government.


Purpose and Type of the Evaluation

The purpose of the final evaluation requested in this tender is four-fold:

1. To provide an external analysis of the program achievements;

2. To provide an analysis of the program against key quality and performance standards (see definitions below for relevance, effectiveness, efficiency, impact, sustainability, influence and innovation);

3. To review local implementing partners’ contribution to GCAP, in line with the initial design of the program;

4. To provide recommendations for how to improve Mercy Corps’ Governance and Social Stability programming in the future.


Interested parties may participate in the tender by sending an email to   with in copy requesting the tender documents in soft copy.

 The deadline for collection of tender documents is on July 20, 2017 at 04:00PM

 A Mandatory Questions and Answers session will take place in Mercy Corps’ Beirut office on July 21, 2017 at 11:00 am

 Bids must be submitted back in sealed envelopes to Mercy Corps Beirut office (3rd Floor, Bee Center, Alfred Naccache Street, Achrafieh Lebanon) by July 26, 2017 at 3:00 PM.