CWL/WSH/0317/1658 storm water channel in Berqayel

CWL/WSH/0317/1658 storm water channel in Berqayel
DEADLINE: Tue, 02/28/2017

Letter of Invitation to Tender



Halba, Akkar


Tender ref.:  CWL/WSH/0317/1613



Dear Sir/Madam,


SUBJECT: Invitation to Tender for Desludging Works at ITS in Akkar Area:


Further to your enquiry regarding the publication of the above-mentioned Invitation to Tender, please find enclosed the following documents, which constitute the tender dossier:


  1. a.                  Instructions to Tenderers
  2. b.                  Bill of quantities (BOQ)
  3. c.                  Concern’s Terms and Conditions
  4. d.                  Tenderer’s Relevant Experience
  5. e.                   Tenderer’s Declaration
  6. f.                   Programme Participant Protection Policy
  7. g.                 Anti-Fraud Policy


We look forward to receiving your tender on or before 24/02/2017 at 12:00 local time for receipt of tenders at the address specified in the tender dossier. 



Your tender bid must include the following documentation so please use the list below as a ‘Checklist’ before submitting your tender to Concern.



Note: Any tender bid does not include all the documentation below will be rejected immediately.


  1. Completed BOQ Constituting the Financial Offer
  2. Signed Tenderer’s Declaration
  3. Completed ‘Tenderer’s Relevant Experience Form’
  4. Copy of company registration with Chamber of Commerce, Industry, Agriculture.
  5. Desludging Trucks: - Capacity, Year of Manufacture, Number of Trucks owned by the Company, Facility for gaining access to septic tanks within constrained areas, i.e. use of long desludging hose pipe (ᶲ 150mm) and appropriate sized pump to pump from septic tank to desludging tank for a maximum distance of 100m






Offers must be submitted in sealed envelopes, marked -

 “TENDER: CWL/WSH/0317/1613 Desludging Works / Akkar ITS’’


Not to be opened before 12:00 pm, Friday 24th February 2017.



And should bear the tender reference specified above on the outside of the envelope for identification purposes. 


Yours sincerely,


Catherine Whybrow

Concern Country Director