Communication Consultancy

Communication Consultancy
DEADLINE: Fri, 07/28/2017

The consortium composed by the international organisations GVC, CISP, CONCERN WW and ACWUA intends to launch a procedure in the framework of the project “Promoting Sustainable Management of Water Services and Resources in Countries Affected by the Syrian Crisis” TF-MADAD/2016/T04.20)”is launching a procurement process for the services of a Communication Expert. It is expected that the European Commission will establish the final amount of the grant and will liquidate it to GVC on completion of the operation based on the expenses presented and declared eligible. No party other than GVC shall derive any right from the grant or have any claim to its proceeds. Under no circumstances or for no reason whatsoever will the Commission entertain any request for indemnity or payment directly submitted by the humanitarian organization’s Suppliers.

The procedure is launched on the name of the consortium and GVC will be responsible for the management of the tender procedure.
As different services can be demanded by each partner, different contracts at the same conditions will be signed by each organisation for the services to be provided in order to facilitate procedures for invoicing and payment. Each partner organization will draft contracts on the basis of bidder’s offer and act as Contractor for that particular service or items.

The service is described in the TORs – Annex I.

The procedures applied by GVC in the present tender are inspired by the principles of:
- Transparency in the procurement procedures;
- Proportionality between the procedures followed for awarding contracts and the value of the contracts;
- Equal treatment and non-discrimination of potential contractors and donors.

The offer must be sent or hand-delivered to GVC Office in Beirut:

GVC Office
Bder Building, 8th floor, Saydet Elghabi street, Furn El Chebbak, Beirut, Lebanon

For information about delivery of tender dossiers please contact Racil Charara, at the phone number 81610444.
GVC reserves the right to cancel the Tendering process at any time prior to the award of Contract.
Request of clarification must be sent to:
Racil Charara, GVC MADAD Deputy Coord, email:
copying Michele Pierpaoli, GVC MADAD Coord, email:

See Tender Attached.