Call for Training Consultants: Lebanon Support's Civil Society Incubator

Call for Training Consultants: Lebanon Support's Civil Society Incubator
DEADLINE: Tue, 10/31/2017

Terms of Reference
Call for Training Consultants for the Civil Society Incubator Roster

About Lebanon Support

Lebanon Support is an independent non-governmental, non-religious, non-political, and non-profit information and research centre. Established in 2006, Lebanon Support was registered as a National Non-Governmental Organisation in November 2008 (registered under the number 168/2009 AD). Lebanon Support aims at enhancing civil society capacity, efficiency and effectiveness through the creation of public spaces for reflection, collaboration and debate on and for civil society in Lebanon. Lebanon Support adopts a multidisciplinary approach and evidence and fact based methodologies in civil society work in Lebanon so as to support and develop a civic voice and a better impact towards better accountability and societal change in Lebanon. Within this framework Lebanon Support focuses on information and knowledge sharing and management, production and delivery; as it is within Lebanon Support’s beliefs, that information and knowledge are at the heart of developing adequate strategies and interventions to reduce existing vulnerabilities and marginalisation in the country. LS promotes and supports knowledge sharing between organisations in Lebanon, through the exchange of experiences, ideas and information across sectors and among civil society actors in Lebanon.

Lebanon Support is currently implementing three main programmes: Daleel Madani, launched in 2006, an online collaborative platform for civil society news and services ( );  the Civil Society Knowledge Centre, launched in 2013 and the first and most developed online platform for  research and knowledge management for civil society organisations, professionals, academics, and activists in Lebanon (; and The Civil Society Incubator, officially launched in 2016, which provides tailored support and mentoring to civil society actors in Lebanon (

Programme Description

The Civil Society Incubator was officially launched by Lebanon Support in 2016, and aims to provide tailored support and mentorship to civil society actors, based on the needs of the partner. The Incubator is designed to foster the creation, development, and growth of local civil society and public action initiatives, organisations, or projects. Incubation at Lebanon Support is done through an array of services such as coaching and mentoring on technical issues, management, administrative matters, research, advocacy, networking, web development, and provision of office space among others. In turn, we aim to build Civil Society Organisations’ (CSOs) capacities to better target their interventions, increase their advocacy reach, and influence policy.


As the Civil Society Incubator is a source of tailored trainings for civil society organisations, Lebanon Support is seeking to develop a roster of local consultants with various fields of expertise. This roster will be used internally by Lebanon Support as a network of trainers for future resource development, trainings, mentorings, etc, developed within the Civil Society Incubator programme.

More specifically, Lebanon Support is looking to acquire consultants for the following topics:

  • Mission, Vision, and Strategy
  • Organisational Management
  • Administrational Management
  • Project Design & Development
  • Project Cycle Management                                    
  • Proposal Writing           
  • Financial Management        
  • Fundraising and Networking
  • Human Resources
  • Advocacy and Policy Influencing
  • Communication and Visibility                              
  • Information and Communication Technology
  • Monitoring and Evaluation              
  • Research Methodologies
  • Needs assessments development
  • Human Rights
  • Social and Economic Rights
  • Child Protection
  • Conflict Sensitivity
  • Gender Equity
  • Democracy and Citizenship

Consultants that are part of this roster will be contacted by Lebanon Support if opportunities arise in his or her field of expertise and will be given the chance to partner with Lebanon Support on select projects. Being a consultant part of the aforementioned roster does not guarantee that he or she will be contacted, or selected, by Lebanon Support for future projects.

Consultants are in no way obliged to accept Lebanon Support consulting positions if he or she finds the terms of employment unsuitable.


  • Minimum Bachelor’s degree from an accredited University in relevant discipline of training specialisation, Master’s degree is preferred.

  • Minimum 5 years of working experience with an NGO, 7 years of working experience in delivering trainings, developing sessions and manual, managing learning cycle and testing sessions for efficacy

  • Excellent written and oral communication skills in English and Arabic are a must

  • Excellent knowledge of Microsoft Office and email

  • Experience in capacity building of local civil society organisations

  • Ability to be flexible in working hours

  • High ability to analyse and address the local needs and challenges CSOs face in Lebanon

  • Excellent interpersonal and problem-solving skills, creativity and flexibility


Applications should be submitted in English and have an attached CV (detailing all relative experience and education- along with dates), a letter of interest explaining why you would like to be included within the roster, in addition to two (2) references.  Incomplete applications will not be considered.

Please send applications to by 31 October 2017, including "Trainer for Civil Society Incubator Roster" in the subject line. Only candidates who are chosen for the roster will be notified. No phone calls please.