Call for pool consultancy

Call for pool consultancy
DEADLINE: Thu, 06/15/2017

Terms of Reference

Call for pool consultancy for Building the capacities of the “Strengthening Civil Society Program” Partner Organizations –

Diakonia Lebanon Office


1.       Background

Diakonia is a Swedish non-governmental development organization works in partnership with over 400 civil-society organizations in 34 countries in Africa, Asia, the Middle East and Latin America. Diakonia has been present officially in Lebanon since 2007 where we work in strong partnership with local organizations, aiming at strengthening and empowering civil-society organizations to change the unfair structure at political, social, economic and cultural levels. The concept of “good donorship” is key to our work, characterized by partners’ ownership, support to partners’ own agendas and strategies, long-term predictable funding, competence development based on partners’ defined needs and donor coordination.


Diakonia’s goal to change unfair structures requires many interventions at different levels over a period of time. Therefore we work with a long term approach, in programmes consisting of a number of complementary partners at different levels of society. The Diakonia Strengthening Civil society Program is being implemented for five year period (2016-2020) with focus on capacity building of the partner organizations. Partners’ capacity building is a core intervention to ensure sustainability and realization of their goals.


The capacity building for partner organizations aims at enhancing their:

  • Administrative and finance capacity;
  • Internal governance;
  • Advocacy and communication capacity;
  • PMER capacity;
  • Conflict sensitivity, gender and environment mainstreaming;


2.       Program implementing partners

We are working currently with 12 partner organizations noting that additional partners might be included.  

3.       Objective of the consultancy

The objective of the consultancy is to have a group of consultants available for a long term to work closely with each partner in improving or building their capacities in relation to:

Administrative and finance;

o   developing administrative procedures and guidelines

o   developing financial procedures and guidelines

Internal governance;

o   developing Code of Conduct, policies, complaint mechanisms

Advocacy and communication;

o   developing advocacy policy or/and action plan


o   developing result-based monitoring and reporting tools

Conflict sensitivity, gender and environment mainstreaming;

o   developing green policy or/and using diakonia environmental lens

o   integrating gender perspective in programing

o   conducting “do no harm” analyses


4.       Duration of the assignment

This is a long term assignment that is anticipated to commence starting 2017 and end before 2020. This may be reviewed towards the end of the period to determine need for additional support.

5.       Consultant background

The consultant shall have extensive experience in any of the subjects listed above and in working with various local organisations in Lebanon in the field of capacity building.

6.       Confidentiality clause

The consultant shall respect the confidential nature of all information acquired during this consultancy with Diakonia. Diakonia is the sole copyright owner of the products stemming from this consultancy.

7.       Procurement process

Short listed candidates will be contacted after submitting a proposal including letter of interest in which they would identify their main field of expertise as well as the proposed method and approach for the assignment. The deadline for submission is 15 June 2017.

The proposal should be submitted by email to:

Raida Hatoum, Program Officer