Call for interest for Local NGOS: Children Summer Camp (13-16 yrs old)

Call for interest for Local NGOS: Children Summer Camp (13-16 yrs old)
DEADLINE: Thu, 05/25/2017

Call for interest



Secours Islamique France (SIF) is a Non-Governmental Organization of international solidarity based in France. Founded in 1991, SIF is non-political neutral organization whose objective is to provide immediate and long-term support to vulnerable population affected by natural disasters, armed conflicts and other types of crisis. SIF has been present in Lebanon since 2012, implementing projects aiming to support and strengthen protection for children and adolescents amongst the Syrian-Crisis affected population as well spread the peace and reconciliation themes and promote social cohesion. 


SIF is seeking to involve 50 youth aged between 13 to 16 years old (boys and girls / different nationalities) in a summer camp. 

The overall aim of the summer camp is to engage youth in interactive activities that promote peace, intercultural dialogue and respect for diversity in a safe environment where children feel comfortable, have fun, learn new and interesting things about life and themselves..,. Thus the main objectives of the summer camp is to establishing a safe and welcoming environment for entertainment, education and socialization of children, with a special focus on vulnerable and children at risk; strengthen their physical and emotional skills to cope with new experiences and challenges, develop skills to express and communicate their thoughts and concerns, and build confidence in themselves by developing new friendships and actively participating in inclusive activities Moreover and through the camp, the youth will understand better the importance of preserving natural resources and respecting the nature. 


SIF is opening the call for expression of interest for Local Non-Governmental Organizations (LNGO) to submit their offer as per the following requirements.


1. Requirements for the Summer Camp Proposals:

Target group: Children at risk

Timeframe: 7 days (July, 2017)

Location: Mount Lebanon


2. Criteria’s for LNGO:

To be registered as a Local Nongovernmental Organization;
To have business certificate, bank account in the name of the NGO, fiscal number certificate and the stamp;
To have proven skills, desire and previous experience in working with children, specifically children in need of protection from most marginalized groups of our society;
To have the knowledge, care and attention regarding the needs and specific issues regarding children rights;
To demonstrate knowledge and experience in promoting the best interest of the child as well as child participation and empowerment;

To have previous experience of organizing summer camp for large group of youth

To have dedicated, sufficient, experienced and trained staff to take care of a large group of youth on a 24/7 basis, during 7 days

To have experience with International NGOs is a plus


3. Documents to be submitted preferably in English:

The submitted proposal should clarify how the activities are designed to reach the objective of the camp and include the following details:

  • Youth camp description, premises, hygiene facilities, meal, location, surroundings 
  • Detailing specific activities and timeline
  • Qualified staff involved in the camp (CV including Educational and Professional background)
  • Evaluation methods and plan
  • Detailed and precise budget (any amount above 200 USD need to be itemized)
  • Certificate of registration as a Local Nongovernmental Organization
  • Fiscal number certificate
  • Bank account confirmation
  • Logo 

Interested applicants may request further details, as well as inquiries by sending an email to: protectionmanagerleb@secours-islamique.orgg  and  

Deadline of submitting the application is May 25, 2017:

  1. By mail at  and
  2. Hand delivered in a sealed envelope at SIF 12th floor, Kalot building,Tayoune roundabout, Beirut