Active learning consultant/ trainer - Islamic Relief Lebanon

Active learning consultant/ trainer - Islamic Relief Lebanon
DEADLINE: Mon, 05/22/2017

Active Learning Training


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Islamic Relief Germany



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Islamic Relief – Lebanon









1-      Introduction

“Islamic Relief believes that all children have a right to personal dignity and protection from abuse and it recognizes the special responsibility and duty of care it bears to create a safe environment for children within the projects and programs it manages and supports. The interests of child safety and protection should be paramount to any other interest which might compromise it”.


Islamic Relief Lebanon “IRL” planned to provide active learning course for 25 teachers under the “Psycho-Education Programme 2017” project in South Lebanon implemented in Public schools. The intervention will be managed by IR team in cooperation with the schools and the consultant.

IRL seeks to contract a consultant/ trainer to conduct the active learning course for the teachers to guide them on effective methods to deliver the information for children in active way; focusing on different teaching techniques.

2-      Background and Problem Statement

The Syrian influx has increased the pressure on the Lebanese public education system, which was already facing many challenges. Many barriers are found and the access of services and resources are few. In addition to the insufficient pre-school opportunities, first and second shifts have reached full capacity; the traditional style of learning is a main barrier for children to less likely to enroll, more likely to drop out, thus are in need of flexible learning solutions, paying attention among the importance of culture and values when developing these solutions to achieve maximum impact. Physically violent in schools is widespread with young children most at risks, with rates of 45% of Lebanese and 74% of displaced Syrians. For the displaced Syrians, the recent baseline survey indicated that the percentage of Syrian refugee children that experienced violent child discipline methods is 65%[1].  In essence, providing safe environment in schools is a pathway to healthier schools and better performing children physically and mentally, so the students can actively engage with the material and learn more when they participate in the process of learning, whether it’s through discussion, practice, review or application.

3-      Objectives of the active learning consultation

IRL seeks to contract an active learning consultant/ trainer to enhance the quality of education through developing and equipping 25 teachers with the active learning skills in order to increase student investment, motivation, and performance to actively participate in the learning environment, thus they will take more responsibility for their performance in the class. Similarly, when they have an opportunity to make decisions about what they learn and how they use that knowledge, the students see a course as more valuable and more directly related to their goals.

After delivering the active learning training topics using different techniques and approach, the teachers will be able to incorporate the learning in the class rooms to foster the way of teaching, defining concepts in an active learning way rather than presenting the information or lecture. Nevertheless, students will be encouraged to think and analyze as well improve cooperative group in class.


3-1 Responsibilities

The consultant/ trainer will provide active learning course for 25 teachers in South Lebanon/ Saida area. The consultant shall start to plan an optimal setting for consultation for teachers. Depending on the teachers’ experiences, a learning process will be set. The consultant shall evaluate the teachers before and after attending the course.

The training sessions will last over 4 consecutive days. The teachers will learn new interactive strategic learning; the sessions shall be characterized  by a verity of training methods and approach between discussion, think-pair-share, self-assessment, peer review, group evaluations, experiential learning (site visits), active review sessions (games or simulations) role playing, brainstorming.

The main tasks:

  1. Identify and assess the teachers to be engaged the active learning sessions.
  2. Design the schedule of the sessions aligned with the course/content based on the needs of the teachers.
  3. Deliver the course in Arabic, based on the set schedule by the consultant and using all needed documents in coordination with Islamic Relief Project coordinator.
  4. Assess and evaluate the teachers before and after using pre and post-test.
  5. Ensure a strict adherence to IRL Child Protection Policy, including respect for confidentiality and act in the best interests of the child.


3-2 Report and Formulation of Recommendations

Following the mentioned tasks/responsibilities, the consultant shall submit a report including the need assessment results, description of the course delivered, evaluation of the teachers and challenges with recommendation (In English)


4-      Requirements:

The consultant shall be qualified to apply for the active learning training:

  • University degree in Education or other related field

  • At least 3 years of work experience in the Field

  • Experience in conducting active learning sessions for teachers is desirable

  • Languages: fluent in Arabic to conduct the training and proficiency in English for reporting purposes.


5-      Competencies:

The consultant/ trainer will be evaluated against the following criteria: timeliness of the deliverables, clarity of presentations, responsibility, initiative and communication:

  • Strong interpersonal and communication skills in a multi-cultural setting;

  •  Flexibility;

  • Ability to work effectively;

  • Good analytical skills;

  • Strong work ethics and commitment to humanitarian issues

  • A willingness to accept responsibility;

  • The ability to priorities workload and work under pressure;

  • Motivation and perseverance;

  • The ability to communicate well with people, demonstrating empathy and reflection;


6-      Proposal Submission and Evaluation

  • The Technical Proposal shall clearly include, but not necessarily be limited to the following items:


  • Introduction (including the consultant’s understanding of the required assignment).

  • Qualifications and relevant experience of the consultant (attach CVs of proposed person).

  • Proposed approach and methodology for conducting the assignment with preliminary time schedule submission and Evaluation of Technical Proposal.


  • The evaluation of Technical Proposals will be according to following criteria.





  1. 1.        

Introduction (including the consultant’s understanding of the required assignment)


  1. 2.        

Qualifications and relevant experience of the consultant and proposed team.


  1. 3.        

Proposed approach and methodology for conducting the assignment with preliminary time schedule.


  1. 4.        

Completeness and clarity of the proposal






6-1 Submission and Evaluation of Financial Proposal

  • Only the applicants, who receive 40 points or more in the technical score, will be considered in the evaluation of the financial proposals.

  • The financial proposal shall show all the direct costs related to the implementation of the assignment, while other operational costs such as transportation, communications, etc. can be implicitly included.

  • Please use the following table, and do NOT add any additional budget lines, to facilitate evaluating and comparing the financial offers.






Unit Cost (LBP)

Total Cost (LBP)


Active Learning

Training day (6 hrs.)





The full day training includes 6 training hours at least including one hour break.


6-2 Proposals evaluation

  • The evaluation of proposals and selection of the consultant will be made using the Quality and Cost Based Selection, with a total score calculated out of 100%, of which 70% is the weight of the Technical Proposal and 30% is the weight of Financial Proposal.

  • Only Technical Proposals will be opened on the submission date. Financial Proposals remain sealed until the technical evaluation is completed.

  • The consultant with the highest total score (sum of technical and financial scores) will be considered as the winner of the consultancy assignment and will be invited to sign the Contract.

  • The Technical and Financial Proposals of the successful bidder and negotiation minutes will become part of the Contract.


    6-3 Proposal submission

  • Consultant shall submit Technical and Financial Proposals in a package containing two separate envelopes as follows.

  1. The first envelope must be marked “TECHNICAL PROPOSAL” and shall contain one original hard copy of the technical proposal.

  2. The second envelope must be marked “FINANCIAL PROPOSAL” and shall contain one original hard copy of the financial proposal.

  • All offers shall be signed and stamped by the consultant.

  • No financial information shall be contained in the Technical Proposal otherwise the offer will be cancelled and excluded from the evaluation process.

  • Consultant shall not be entitled to compensation related to costs of preparing the proposals.

  • Proposals shall be submitted on 22/05/ 2017 at 15:00 PM at the following address:


Islamic Relief, Lebanon logistic and procurement coordinator, Samer Ibrik.

Sharhabil- Bkosta, Al Jaysh st. | Jamal Al Zareef Bldg.| Saida- Lebanon

Phone : 07721966 ext: 112  |  Mobile: +961 78872473

[1]UNICEF/MOSA (2016) Baseline Survey