ACTED: Call for Applications - Civil Society Organizations

ACTED: Call for Applications - Civil Society Organizations
DEADLINE: Mon, 09/18/2017

Towards an active participation of civil society in the reform process (Ta’cir)


Call for Applications

Civil Society Organizations


Issuance Date:                         August 18, 2017

Closing Date:                           September 18, 2017


About ACTED:

ACTED has been registered in Lebanon since 2006 and has an established country office in Beirut as well as a field office in Akkar. More recently, ACTED has launched activities in the South and in Tripoli, and provides comprehensive support tailored to the geographic contexts and spatial dimensions that stimulate development in the varied sub-national context within the region. With 7 international staff and over 80 national staff, ACTED has been working closely with local authorities and civil society stakeholders at the community level in implementing priority humanitarian interventions such as emergency multi-purpose cash assistance, WASH projects including disease monitoring and infrastructural and behavioral response, and Shelter interventions incorporating multiple modalities.

ACTED is currently implementing long-term development activities such as infrastructure rehabilitation, improving agricultural production, stimulating livelihoods development and support to state and non-state actors for improving service delivery and social stability through collective development planning.

ACTED delivers support responding simultaneously to emergency and development needs through a community driven approach which focuses on engagement and capacity building of local civil society and local authorities, with the aim of promoting accountable governance and civic engagement. Moreover, ACTED in Lebanon has a key emphasis on integrating private sector actors as key drivers in Lebanon’s economic development.

Program overview:

As part of the EU Country Roadmap for Engagement with Civil Society and in partnership with Lebanon Support, Akkarouna and SHEILD, this project aims at strengthening the role and contribution of civil society in Lebanon at both policy and local development levels.

CSO Support Program Description:

ACTED and its partners will provide support to civil society organizations, youth groups and women’s groups working in the sectors of health, education and environment through capacity building, support for engagement at national level policy making and support for improving local service delivery.

Eligible candidates should:

  • Be registered at the Ministry of Interior
  • Be working in the sectors of health, education and environment
  • Be working in one or more Governorates of: Akkar, Tripoli, Beirut, Mount Lebanon (Metn and Baabda), Saida, Sour and Nabatiye
  • Have active board members in the last three years

Selection Process 

All eligible applicants are requested to call the following numbers and register your interest

  • Beirut/Mount Lebanon: Yehya Hassan, ACTED (79300839)
  • Akkar/Tripoli: Viviyan Hassan, Akkarouna (81340879)
  • South: Hanaa Qaryani, Shield (03781082)
  • Saida: Bilal Azzam, Shield (76169571)
  • Nabatiyeh: Ali Kriker, Shield (81682197)

After ensuring that applicants meet the eligibility requirements, a technical review committee will score each application based on pre-set criteria. Only those applications that achieve a minimal acceptable score will be contacted by ACTED. In addition, ACTED may carry out a field visit to verify information submitted in the application.  Final selection is contingent on successful completion of this field visit.

ACTED may solicit feedback from external experts and may follow up with additional questions.  At any stage, ACTED reserves the right to pose clarifying questions and conduct discussions with some, all, or none of the applicants.