About Lebanon Support


Lebanon Support is an independent non-governmental, non-religious, non-partisan, and non-profit making Emergency, Recovery and Development information center. Established in 2006 through a partnership initiative between Handicap International, Mada Association and Lebanon’s Ministry of Social Affairs, Lebanon Support was registered as a National Non-Governmental Organization in November 2008. More than 1200 organizations are registered on the Lebanon Support portal ranging from large bodies with a world-wide presence to smaller, specialist organizations working in certain regions or with specific groups of people.

What we do?

Lebanon Support’s main operational framework is focused on information sharing and management, production and delivery, aiming at enhancing the knowledge base of civil society actors and development, recovery and emergency actors, to best respond to the emerging needs of the vulnerable communities in Lebanon. As it is within Lebanon Support beliefs, that an informed development and recovery and emergency community, renders it more efficient and more effective, thus enabling it to develop adequate strategies and interventions so as to reduce existing vulnerabilities within the country. We promote and support knowledge sharing between organizations based in Lebanon. We do this through the exchange of experiences, ideas and information so as to strengthen the quality and effectiveness in the sector of Emergency, Recovery and Development.


A world of justice and equality, free from poverty, where human rights and the environment are respected.


Facilitating collaboration for the strength, influence and effectiveness of civil society actors in Lebanon.

Core Values

Justice and solidarity Diversity and mutual respect Collaboration and participation Sustainability and shared responsibility Transparency and accountability