About daleel-madani.org


Launched in 2006, daleel-madani.org is a civil society portal and public domain developed, operated and managed by Lebanon Support. It is an online collaborative platform for civil society news and services. It aims to enhance the availability of and accessibility to information about civil society and state intervention, as well as to strengthen civil society cooperation in Lebanon.


daleel-madani.org is conceived conceptually and practically from the right to freedom of information, as addressed by the United Nations General Assembly in 1946, declaring that: “Freedom of information is a fundamental human right and ... the touchstone of all the freedoms to which the United Nations is consecrated.” Lebanon Support believes that daleel-madani.org would serve as a means to practice that right through practical online tools that allow for more transparency on the work of various actors in development as well as enhance accountability of projects and programs by the beneficiaries and the general public. Thus the design and architecture of daleel-madani.org has a dual purpose: 1) on one hand, it provides civil society in Lebanon with the means and ability to share, publish, and disseminate information and knowledge; 2) on the other hand it provides the general public with a public domain of information and a means of communication with civil society organisations.

Release notes

The new release is an alpha version of the portal, which provides a series of different service, such as: publishing resources, newsletters, events, and post job vacancies in addition to existing services. It provides a wide-range library containing more than 700 categorized resources including, studies, statistics, maps and guides among others and provides extensive information on both the July 2006 Israeli war on Lebanon and the Nahr El-Bared war. The new release is predicted to encourage a higher rate of visitors, and to enhance participation levels of civil society organisations. It also provides much higher usability standards and a much more developed organisation of information and resources. Lebanon Support encourages all NGOs to update their profile information on daleel-madani.org as well as for new NGOs to register on the portal.

Membership to daleel-madani.org allows you to:
  • Post Job Vacancies: The new portal provides a much more enhanced, and concise application form, allowing ease of use and categorization, which will limit spam mail and ensure better applicant standards.
  • Post News, Press Releases and Events: The new portal allows member organisations to post news about their work and projects, as well as to publicize their events, workshops and conferences, in addition of publishing their press-releases.
  • Publish resources: a new service allowing member organisations to publish their electronic resources instantly online, you can publish your newsletters, studies, guides, leaflets, maps or any other knowledge product. Publishing your resources ondaleel-madani.org is a great away to guarantee a wider outreach and visibility for your products with an audience exceeding 160,000 visitors per month.  Moreover your resources will be listed periodically in the bulletins sent out by daleel-madani.org to its registered members allowing you to reach more than 1,300 organisations, hundreds of professionals and civil society workers as well as the general public.
  • Post your projects online: posting your organisation’s projects online is a great way to ensure visibility of your work and to let other organisations know of what you are doing, which minimizes duplication and allows better networking between organisations, also it is a good way to let donors know of your activities.
  • Post calls for proposals and request for tenders: another new service allowing members to post their request for tenders and call for proposals, which will be available in a separate section on the website, allowing better visibility. With daleel-madani.org you can guarantee that your call for proposal has reached a wide variety of civil society organisations, thus allowing better and increased participation in your calls and requests.
  • Create your own custom online polls: online opinion polls are great way for civil society organisations to receive public feedback on specific topics and themes. It might be regarding a proposal for a new reform, or feedback on a current project or to see what people think about your projects, campaigns etc…
  • Upload your logo to your account’s profile and keep it updated: in a world dominated by visual impressions, an organisation’s logo becomes an essential part of the organisation’s identity and mission, the new site now allows you to publish your logo in your profile, and it will be listed in the content you publish on daleel-madani.org, this allows visitors to easily identify your organisation, and provides better visibility of your actions on the portal.
You can now feature your campaign, organisation's logo or announcement, project, etc. on the main page of Daleel Madani for up to two weeks! This allows your organisation and projects to gain visibility and target an audience that is interested and/or involved in civil society issues. Daleel Madani gathers over 1,000,000 visits per month. This service is available to members of the portal and non-members alike. If you're interested, please contact Lebanon Support's team in charge of Daleel Madani for more information: daleel-madani@lebanon-support.org.
*Lebanon Support reserves the right to select content to be promoted on its portal and platforms.